apptopia updates
apptopia updates

X-Ray Is Now Live In Report Builder


New Features


We're thrilled to announce that, X-Ray, which uses machine learning to automatically assign classification tags —including functions, features, monetization, game play, and themes— to every app and game in the mobile ecosystem, now can be used as additional filtering criteria within Report Builder.

With the power of Apptopia's advanced app classification intelligence integrated directly into Report Builder, sales teams can now go beyond broad app categories, and instead filter by 340+ app classification tags to find and spark new conversations with their top prospects.

  • Narrow in on your ideal customers and generate more targeted lead lists
  • Identify new opportunities based on specific app tags that were previously not a focus
  • Receive daily report digests of all new leads sent straight to your inbox based on these new, hyper-targeted parameters to empower faster, quality sales outreach

We’re excited to continue helping sales teams generate even more powerful reports based on wildly specific criteria, easily identify the best prospects, and scale their pipeline.



  • We have updated the UI for our Custom Export Tool to make it even easier and intuitive to generate large reports.

  • You can now filter for and add store specific app versions within Market Explorer.

    Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 4.37.36 PM.png

  • We've improved our chart tooltips to make it more clear what dates are covered by data points spanning a week. Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 4.34.29 PM.png


Bug Fixes

  • Chart image exports no longer fail randomly.