Updates to Ad Intelligence

We've been hard at work for the past several months retooling our Ad Intelligence product, and today we're excited to release the first wave of our updates:

Creative Gallery:

  • Filter by Country where the creative is running

Ad Creatives

  • See the Average Run for an advertiser's creatives
  • New benchmark for 'All Images' creative types vs. category average
  • Facebook Insights chart that shows the percentage of the advertiser's creatives running on each Facebook property
  • Creative Inventory chart that shows when new creatives are activated and old creatives are removed, along with total number of creatives active for that day.
  • Filters for Creative Type and Country on table of All Creatives for the advertiser


  • We updated the logic for 'Major Change in Ad Volume' to trigger when 20% or more of an app's active inventory is made up of new creatives

Over the next several weeks we'll be bringing you more updates to our Top Advertisers and Top Publishers features.