apptopia updates
apptopia updates

New X-Ray Tags




This month we added 11 new X-Ray tags:

  • Shooter

    • Games where the player advances or earns rewards from defeating enemies by shooting at them, most commonly with firearms.
  • Runner

    • Games in which the player is continuously moving forward through a (usually) procedural generated, theoretically endless game world with limited game controls. The goal of these games are to get as far as possible without dying.
  • Tycoon

    • Game mechanics include the management of economic processes (i.e. running a business) or building and managing a city.
  • Dice

    • Games that incorporate random chance mechanics via asking users to roll a dice.
  • Sleep Tracking

    • Apps that record details (duration & quality) about your sleep.
  • Karaoke

    • Apps that enable the user to sing songs over prerecorded backing tracks.
  • Auto Insurance

    • Apps provided by companies that offer auto insurance. Functionality often includes the ability to manage your policy and file a claim.
  • Cruise Line

    • Apps related to booking travel on a cruise.
  • Weather

    • Apps that report the weather in specific locations around the world.
  • Airline

    • Apps provided directly by airline companies.
  • Password Manager Authenticator

    • Apps that help the user manage authentication for multiple sites or applications by storing passwords or providing an authentication token.