apptopia updates
apptopia updates

New X-Ray Tags




We've added eleven new tags to our X-Ray dataset this week:

  • Slots

    • Gameplay that incorporates slot machine chance mechanics to award players.
  • Spot the Difference

    • Games where the player must identify a pre-defined number of differences between two visually similar images. These are often called 'photo hunt' games and are commonly targeted towards children.
  • Hyper Casual

    • Free-to-play casual games with simplistic controls, infinite loop mechanics, simple color schemes, and primarily/usually ad-driven revenue.
  • Virtual Pet

    • Gameplay focus is on the care, raising, and/or breeding of virtual pets.
  • Hockey

    • Game focus is on the sport of hockey or contains hockey-related content.
  • Last Mile Transportation

    • The app allows users to rent vehicles suitable for traveling short distances and often offer little protection from the environment (ex scooters, bikes)
  • Traffic Enforcement Warnings

    • The app will alert the driver to oncoming traffic enforcement zones (e.g. speed traps, construction, etc)
  • B2B Marketplace

    • The app provides an online storefront for businesses to buy or sell physical and/or digital goods with other businesses.
  • Coloring

    • Games where the primary objective is to color objects.
  • In Store Assistant

    • The app contains functionality to aid or enhance the experience of the user while they are in the physical store of the app provider (ex. item locator, price scanner, store-specific item availability).
  • Fighting

    • Gameplay is focused primarily on close-quarters combat between characters within fixed physical boundaries, such as a stage or a ring.