New look and new product!

Happy Monday everyone! At least we're pretty sure it's Monday.

Today is a big day here at Apptopia, as we are proudly announcing the launch of our newest product, Review Analysis! We've been sitting on over 1.5 BILLION reviews and it turns out that they are packed with a lot of actionable insights. Head on over to our Blog to read more about this exciting new product.

You may also notice the dramatic facelift that Apptopia got today. As we were building the Review Analysis product, we realized that we needed to solve some lingering UX issues. Over the coming months you'll see even more updates, which will improve how you interact with the Apptopia tool. But here's what's different today:

  • We rearranged the App Insights menu and grouped pages under 'Performance' and 'Audience'
  • We moved the Date selector to the the new page header, and it will remain visible as you scroll through the page
  • All App Insights pages default to the 'Last 90 Days'
  • The date range you chose on one App Insights page (ex Downloads & Revenue) will persist to other App Insights pages as you navigate (ex Engagement)
  • Navigating from a particular App Insights page on one app to another app lands you on the same page type (ex. navigating to Snapchat from the Demographics page of Instagram will land you on the Demographics page of Snapchat)
  • The 'add to market' behavior has been simplified & improved
  • We renamed 'User Graph' to 'Cross App Usage'