Cross App Usage updates and more

Do you like shiny new things? We do! Our Cross App Usage got a facelift, plus some new features.

What’s New

Country selection

This data was previously only available for the United States -- now you can see cross app usage across any country. Use this new data to better understand user behavior and identify regional partnerships.

Time period selection

Previously, you could only see the most current data -- now you can see how cross app usage for an app has changed over time. Discover potential threats or changes in user behavior.

With the added functionality, we’ve made this tool even more powerful for your mobile strategy. Check it out here.

Bug fixes and small updates

  • You can now subscribe to email alerts for new results in all of your Report Builder reports. Previously, there was a restriction based on how much data was returned in your report.
  • We renamed 'All Time' reviews to 'Analyzed' reviews on Review Analysis - Sentiment. We did this to clear up confusion around the number we're sharing with you.
  • Fixed the bug where the decimal place was off by two positions on Top Advertisers for change in downloads
  • We made improvements to speed up searching for Apps, Publishers, Companies, and SDKs