apptopia updates
apptopia updates

Filter By Ad Target




Advertising Intelligence

You can now identify and filter Creatives by where they drive the user (App Store, Website) within Creative Gallery and Top Performing Creatives.

Advertising Intelligence is here


New Dataset


Ad Intelligence is here to help you experiment smarter with your user acquisition efforts. Remove the guesswork, decode creative campaigns, and get inspired! Develop winning media strategies by leveraging intel on the most current mobile advertising trends and competitive paid campaigns to gain quality installs. Learn more about how Ad Intel can help you.


New Functionality Within Top Apps


New Features


Our new Custom Top Apps enables you to create lists of apps, custom ranked by a combination of metrics and features of your choice. Save your personalized configurations and have the results emailed to you on a schedule that works for you. To learn more, click here. (1).gif

Filter Reviews By Star Rating




You can now filter reviews by star rating in Review Analysis. Simply select 'Ratings Breakdown' and click on any data point to enable the filter options.

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 5.53.22 PM.png

Graph Star Rating


New Features


You can now graph star ratings over time in our Review Analysis section of App Insights. Select 'Ratings Breakdown' and then configure the chart to view the data in your preferred format.

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Planned Downtime Saturday AM


Service Event will be undergoing maintenance Saturday morning August 13th, between 3AM - 4AM EST. Our external website and the web tool will be unavailable during this time.

New X-Ray Tags




This month we added 11 new X-Ray tags:

  • Shooter

    • Games where the player advances or earns rewards from defeating enemies by shooting at them, most commonly with firearms.
  • Runner

    • Games in which the player is continuously moving forward through a (usually) procedural generated, theoretically endless game world with limited game controls. The goal of these games are to get as far as possible without dying.
  • Tycoon

    • Game mechanics include the management of economic processes (i.e. running a business) or building and managing a city.
  • Dice

    • Games that incorporate random chance mechanics via asking users to roll a dice.
  • Sleep Tracking

    • Apps that record details (duration & quality) about your sleep.
  • Karaoke

    • Apps that enable the user to sing songs over prerecorded backing tracks.
  • Auto Insurance

    • Apps provided by companies that offer auto insurance. Functionality often includes the ability to manage your policy and file a claim.
  • Cruise Line

    • Apps related to booking travel on a cruise.
  • Weather

    • Apps that report the weather in specific locations around the world.
  • Airline

    • Apps provided directly by airline companies.
  • Password Manager Authenticator

    • Apps that help the user manage authentication for multiple sites or applications by storing passwords or providing an authentication token.

New Permission Filter



  • The Permission filter in Report Builder now includes the Android permission for 'Background Location'. This is selectable in Google Play reports.
  • Ranks are now included in the exports from Market Explorer. You must fist select a country in order to have Ranks included in the export.

New Data in Prospector Reports




The following data points are now available in the CSV download of Report Builder exports:

  • bundle_id (iOS only)
  • store_url
  • country name
  • revenue_type splits (total, download, in_app_purchase, ad_revenue)
  • app_categories

All Aboard




We want to learn more about how Apptopia can help you solve your work goals. Starting today, we'll be asking you to fill out a quick questionnaire about your role and interests (it will take less than a minute). We'll be using this information to make Apptopia better for you.




We have made a couple of very small UI updates to bring more consistency to the Product.


Bug Fixes


Publisher hyperlinks in Market Explorer now work again.