More permissions to filter by

We did a little housecleaning in our App Permission dataset and found two iOS permissions that weren't available to filter for in Report Builder. You can now build an iOS report in Report Builder and filter for apps with the following permissions:

  • APYourMusicAndVideoActivityPermission
    • Allows apps to access the user's media library
  • APGameKitPermission
    • Indicates if the Gamekit or Game Controller framework is used by the app

Zap zap

Today we fixed a couple of pesky bug affecting sort behavior on the Publisher page.

  • Sorting a Publisher's apps by downloads now works 100% of the time if you change the date period after you sort.
  • A rare scenario that would cause a page error when trying to sort a Publisher's apps by name is fixed.

Seeing stars

Today we added a new capability to Review Explorer that allows you to filter Volume Over Time by user rating.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 7.55.59 AM.png

Now you can quickly see if that spike in reviews was from an influx of 5-star (yay!) or 1-star (womp womp) ratings.

Company-level exports improvement

This morning we patched an update to our Custom Export Tool that we are super excited about. Company-level exports (aggregated to the parent company) now take into consideration the acquisition timeline of publishers owned by the company.

What this means is that app performance for an acquired publisher will not be included in the Company's aggregate until the date of the acquisition or after its divestiture. For example, Zynga acquired Peak Games on 06/01/2020. Exports for Zynga generated today will only start including Peak Games' metrics as of 06/01/2020.

Review Explorer

We're happy to announce the latest addition to our Review Analysis product offering: Review Explorer!

With this new feature, you can

  • Create your own benchmarks for Sentiment, Intent, Language, and Volume
  • Quickly see which of your competitors have the highest user satisfaction
  • Compare and track user feedback over time
  • Export you competitors' data for easy analysis outside of the Apptopia web tool
  • …+ more!

Bug fixes and small updates

Today we bring you an assortment of bug fixes and small updates.

  • Top Advertisers no longer shoes missing Ad Networks on some results
  • Top Advertisers no longer shows a horizontal scroll bar on the page
  • We now show the secondary store category for Google Play apps on Cross App Usage

Cross App Usage updates and more

Do you like shiny new things? We do! Our Cross App Usage got a facelift, plus some new features.

What’s New

Country selection

This data was previously only available for the United States -- now you can see cross app usage across any country. Use this new data to better understand user behavior and identify regional partnerships.

Time period selection

Previously, you could only see the most current data -- now you can see how cross app usage for an app has changed over time. Discover potential threats or changes in user behavior.

With the added functionality, we’ve made this tool even more powerful for your mobile strategy. Check it out here.

Bug fixes and small updates

  • You can now subscribe to email alerts for new results in all of your Report Builder reports. Previously, there was a restriction based on how much data was returned in your report.
  • We renamed 'All Time' reviews to 'Analyzed' reviews on Review Analysis - Sentiment. We did this to clear up confusion around the number we're sharing with you.
  • Fixed the bug where the decimal place was off by two positions on Top Advertisers for change in downloads
  • We made improvements to speed up searching for Apps, Publishers, Companies, and SDKs

More benchmarks and better filters

Yesterday we added category benchmarks to our Review Analysis Sentiment page and introduced a whole new way to filter reviews. Now, you can click directly on a bar in the Sentiment or Intent charts and filter for just the reviews on that mark.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 8.53.52 PM.png

Once you are looking at the table of reviews, you can sort by both Sentiment and Intent to discover the exact reviews that will drive the insights you need.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 8.56.15 PM.png

More ranks on Google Play Top Charts

Last week, we announced a major increase in the number of Google Play apps we cover rank for. Today, we've finished the project, so now you can see all 1500 ranks spots in our Top Charts.

Small fixes

We fixed the problem where if you chose January 1, 2015 for the first date in the Custom Date picker the page would time out. Did you know that we have app performance estimates back that far?

We also fixed a small visual bug that you probably didn't notice.