Seeing Sessions Data

Happy Monday, folks! We’re kicking off the week with a couple of small updates to Report Builder exports.

  • Exports now include Total Sessions (30 and 90 day), even if you’re not currently subscribed to Sessions data. That’s right– we’ve temporarily given everyone with Enterprise Report Builder access to these additional data points. Take advantage of the feature now, and if it’s useful to your team, your Customer Success Manager can help you upgrade to full Sessions data.
  • Exports now include the SDK function along with the SDK name. Ex: ‘Google Mobile Ads (Ad Network)’

Found and Fixed

We’ve fixed some minor bugs in our Custom Export Tool that were occasionally causing us to miscalculate DAU and MAU across a group of apps. This rare miscalculation was only happening if the number of days of estimates across all apps was not identical. Re-running your exports will fix the data for any previously generated exports that had this problem.

[RESOLVED] Top Charts and Performance Estimates Delay

All data aggregations for October 12, 2020 have finished and are fully reflected in the product and all data pipelines.

[NEW] Delayed Top Charts and Performance Estimates

Top Charts and App Performance estimates are delayed this morning for October 12, 2020 data. Our engineers are working on this and the data will be available later today.

SDK logos are back

Some browsers recently started blocking unsecure (i.e. ‘http’) content being served over secure connections (i.e. ‘https’). Turns out, this impacted our SDK logos. If you noticed that your SDK logos were missing recently, they are back today. We updated all of them, so they are now being served securely over ‘https.’

Clearing things up

Today, we made a couple of small changes to clear up some confusion around Rank types. As a refresher, Google Play and iTunes Connect publish three types of rank: Free, Paid, Grossing. Now, our Ranks Performance page will match that terminology. Previously, we used ‘Downloads’ to refer to Free or Paid.

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 8.25.16 AM.png

More small fixes today

This morning arrived with some more minor updates for your enjoyment.

  • Our Custom Export tool now keeps you on the same library page after you refresh or edit an export

  • Newly released apps that only have one day of performance estimates now more clearly display the data point on Performance Overview

    Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 10.16.24 AM.png

Small fixes

Today's bug fixes are pretty minor but should increase your enjoyment of our app.

  • The filter dropdown in the Review Analysis tables no longer reopen every time you click a review to look at
  • Market Explorer now behaves a little nicer if you delete a market in one browser window while viewing it in another

Don't be a stranger

Happy Monday! Grab a cup of coffee and warm up with some fresh updates.

  • Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is here! We've made it super easy to reach out to your CSM with new email links right in the User Menu and on the main App Insights page. We've also added a quick link to Request Training. Don't be a stranger, your CSM is looking forward to answering your questions.

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 10.19.01 AM.png

  • We moved the Support menu items into the main User Menu so its easier to find what you're looking for.

  • We updated our release notice widget with a more appropriate looking icon.

  • We made some updates to our infrastructure to improve site reliability.

Service Restored

We had some brief downtime this morning on the Apptopia web-tool. Service has been restored and our engineers are working on improvements to site reliability.