Small fixes

Today's bug fixes are pretty minor but should increase your enjoyment of our app.

  • The filter dropdown in the Review Analysis tables no longer reopen every time you click a review to look at
  • Market Explorer now behaves a little nicer if you delete a market in one browser window while viewing it in another

Don't be a stranger

Happy Monday! Grab a cup of coffee and warm up with some fresh updates.

  • Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is here! We've made it super easy to reach out to your CSM with new email links right in the User Menu and on the main App Insights page. We've also added a quick link to Request Training. Don't be a stranger, your CSM is looking forward to answering your questions.

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 10.19.01 AM.png

  • We moved the Support menu items into the main User Menu so its easier to find what you're looking for.

  • We updated our release notice widget with a more appropriate looking icon.

  • We made some updates to our infrastructure to improve site reliability.

Service Restored

We had some brief downtime this morning on the Apptopia web-tool. Service has been restored and our engineers are working on improvements to site reliability.

Earlier the bettter

We recently optimized some of our data pipeline. As a result, today we sent your Daily Report Digest several hours earlier than usual. Get used to this. Fresh leads to start your day, every day!

UTF-8 is the BOM

We fixed some things today:

  • The reviews you download through our Review Analysis table will now only include reviews from the selected language. Less results to sift through.
  • We added the 'byte order marker' aka 'BOM' to our .csv exports in the tool so that non-western characters will display correctly when you open the file in Excel
  • You can now create alerts for Markets again
  • We fixed some typos

More permissions to filter by

We did a little housecleaning in our App Permission dataset and found two iOS permissions that weren't available to filter for in Report Builder. You can now build an iOS report in Report Builder and filter for apps with the following permissions:

  • APYourMusicAndVideoActivityPermission
    • Allows apps to access the user's media library
  • APGameKitPermission
    • Indicates if the Gamekit or Game Controller framework is used by the app

Zap zap

Today we fixed a couple of pesky bug affecting sort behavior on the Publisher page.

  • Sorting a Publisher's apps by downloads now works 100% of the time if you change the date period after you sort.
  • A rare scenario that would cause a page error when trying to sort a Publisher's apps by name is fixed.

Seeing stars

Today we added a new capability to Review Explorer that allows you to filter Volume Over Time by user rating.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 7.55.59 AM.png

Now you can quickly see if that spike in reviews was from an influx of 5-star (yay!) or 1-star (womp womp) ratings.

Company-level exports improvement

This morning we patched an update to our Custom Export Tool that we are super excited about. Company-level exports (aggregated to the parent company) now take into consideration the acquisition timeline of publishers owned by the company.

What this means is that app performance for an acquired publisher will not be included in the Company's aggregate until the date of the acquisition or after its divestiture. For example, Zynga acquired Peak Games on 06/01/2020. Exports for Zynga generated today will only start including Peak Games' metrics as of 06/01/2020.

Review Explorer

We're happy to announce the latest addition to our Review Analysis product offering: Review Explorer!

With this new feature, you can

  • Create your own benchmarks for Sentiment, Intent, Language, and Volume
  • Quickly see which of your competitors have the highest user satisfaction
  • Compare and track user feedback over time
  • Export you competitors' data for easy analysis outside of the Apptopia web tool
  • …+ more!