More Fixes

Happy Friday, world! We didn't get to release all of the fixes we had lined up yesterday, so today, we are happy to report that the following issues are resolved:

  • Our Top Advertisers endpoint in the API has been fixed. We had to change the request and the response, so check out our Developer Documentation for the latest requirements.

  • Top Publishers in our web tool has been updated and should now return better results. We are still working on updating the API and hope to release that in the next two weeks.

Get Alerted

As of today, you can now set Rank milestone alerts for apps that are not currently ranked. Previously, we only let you set these alerts if the app was currently ranked. This update is a direct result of a customer request.

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 8.20.32 AM.png

Someone Called The Exterminator

Today arrived with truck load of bug fixes to make your Apptopia experience even better.

  • We fixed a bug with our alert service that was causing you to get duplicate emails from us sometimes. Sorry for the spam.
  • We fixed a bug where Publisher names were sometimes being displayed in unicode instead of real characters.
  • We de-bugged the ‘Show (10) more’ option on your Alerts list in Alert Builder, so it now behaves consistently.
  • In Market Explorer, we fixed the Rank comparison page so that data updates correctly when filtering for countries.
  • On that same Rank page, we also fixed a bug which was causing both iOS and Google Play ranks to be graphed, even though you selected just one of them.
  • We fixed a rare bug occurring in paid apps, which showed SDK data from when those apps were free.
  • We fixed a pagination issue on our Top Advertisers table that resulted in the bottom of the table not rendering sometimes.

Small Bug Fixes

Today we fixed some small bugs:

  • Our 'Show more' rows functionality in some tables was broken by a recent Chrome update. We un-broke it.
  • We removed the duplicate 'Interstitial' ad-type filter in Report Builder.

New Snowflakes ❄️❄️

A few months ago, we published our first datasets on Snowflake. Today, we added two more to our standard customer share: Retention & Demographics. Across iTunes and Google Play, customers with our Integrations Passport can now easily query the following datasets:

  • Companies
  • App General Data
  • App Performance Estimates
  • SDKs Installed
  • Store Categories Lookup
  • Company to Publisher Relations Timeline
  • Publishers General Data
  • App Rank Data
  • SDK general Data
  • App Retention (New)
  • App Demographics (New)

Wires Uncrossed

Bug fixes are on the menu today.

  • We fixed an embarrassing issue whereby we were reporting Paid Download Revenue as Ad Revenue in the Performance Overview summary. This only impacted paid apps. Somehow the wires got crossed but it's all fixed now.

    Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 11.05.40 AM.png

Seeing Sessions Data

Happy Monday, folks! We’re kicking off the week with a couple of small updates to Report Builder exports.

  • Exports now include Total Sessions (30 and 90 day), even if you’re not currently subscribed to Sessions data. That’s right– we’ve temporarily given everyone with Enterprise Report Builder access to these additional data points. Take advantage of the feature now, and if it’s useful to your team, your Customer Success Manager can help you upgrade to full Sessions data.
  • Exports now include the SDK function along with the SDK name. Ex: ‘Google Mobile Ads (Ad Network)’

Found and Fixed

We’ve fixed some minor bugs in our Custom Export Tool that were occasionally causing us to miscalculate DAU and MAU across a group of apps. This rare miscalculation was only happening if the number of days of estimates across all apps was not identical. Re-running your exports will fix the data for any previously generated exports that had this problem.

[RESOLVED] Top Charts and Performance Estimates Delay

All data aggregations for October 12, 2020 have finished and are fully reflected in the product and all data pipelines.

[NEW] Delayed Top Charts and Performance Estimates

Top Charts and App Performance estimates are delayed this morning for October 12, 2020 data. Our engineers are working on this and the data will be available later today.