Hello 2020, Goodbye Bugs

Our team has been busy working on some exciting new features, but we took a short break recently to knock out some pesky bugs.

  • The tooltips on our Demographics now correctly display the percentage of male/female users in age groups where there is only one gender in that group

  • Companies and Publishers with hundreds or thousands of apps no longer break the breadcrumb menu, allowing you to scroll through all of them

Daily Report Digest Links Broken Today

We're sad to report that our report emails don't have reports today. We made a change to some configurations that unexpectedly broke all the links in your Daily Report Digest, including those that allow you to download the report. Everything will be back to normal tomorrow. For today, you will need to log into Apptopia's Report Library to see your new results.

Something To Be Thankful For

Our Enterprise Report Builder customers can now view multi-country reports right in the application. No need to download to csv anymore (for results less than 5k). Huzzah!!

Ageless No More

We made some improvements behind the curtains to our Demographic dataset, which resulted in a couple of small annoyances in the web tool. Today we've fixed those so that you can once again:

  • Compare Audience data in our Market Explorer product
  • Switch to 'Generation' view on the demographics page for an app

Now Less Spooky

The exorcist stopped by today and helped us take care of some goblins in our codeā€¦ and brought us cupcakes. YAY CUPCAKES!!

  • We fixed some layout issues in the create/edit modal in Market Explorer.
  • Searching for 'peloton' was sometimes crashing the page. It doesn't now.
  • Long report names now dynamically fill the column in Report Library.
  • We fixed how Firefox handles our 'Lato' font so that it looks as good as it does on Chrome and Safari.

Its a Bird, Its a Plane

Nah, its just some updates and bug fixes.


  • Change in Rank on the App Insights homepage is no longer abbreviated unnecessarily. Hello commas!
  • The new 'Frequently Used' filters in Report Builder can now be de-selected by clicking on them again.
  • The subject line of your new Daily Report Digest now quickly tells you how many new results you got.
  • When you change the time period on the Performance Overview page of an app, we now re-sort the Country table so that it shows the correct order for the new time period.

Bug Fixes

  • We added some additional precision to the ARPU graph in Market Explorer so that you no longer see repeating values on the Y-axis (that was embarrassing)
  • A few months ago we started tracking 'Content Delivery Network' aka 'CDN' SDKs, but you may not have noticed as that option was last in the dropdown list. Its now correctly in alphabetical order.

We Don't Want No Bugs

This morning we fixed a couple of annoying bugs that popped up with some recent updates.

  • Searching for apps by keyword returns results again.
  • Searching for SDKs has been restored to it's previous glory. For example, you can again search for 'admob' and get results instead of having to search for 'Google'.

Revamped Report Builder

Hotter leads, even faster!! We've done some incredible data gymnastics to make one of Apptopia's most powerful tools even more powerful. Check out the blog for the full scoop.

Report Builder Thumbnail_1.jpg

App-ads.txt All Up In Our API

Is your team strapped for time and resources? No worries, Apptopia now offers App-ads.txt data in our API. Not ready to invest in consuming our API? Not a problem. Get custom reports sent straight to your inbox on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This is a faster, more actionable way to scale your anti-fraud efforts. Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

Sticky Headers & Safari

Good Morning! Today's coffee comes with some bug fixes:

  • Sticky table headers now work as good in Safari as they do Chrome
  • The header on the Top SDKs page is now where it belongs
  • Our new-ish parent company overview page looks a little bit better now that the content spans the page correctly