More benchmarks and better filters

Yesterday we added category benchmarks to our Review Analysis Sentiment page and introduced a whole new way to filter reviews. Now, you can click directly on a bar in the Sentiment or Intent charts and filter for just the reviews on that mark.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 8.53.52 PM.png

Once you are looking at the table of reviews, you can sort by both Sentiment and Intent to discover the exact reviews that will drive the insights you need.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 8.56.15 PM.png

More ranks on Google Play Top Charts

Last week, we announced a major increase in the number of Google Play apps we cover rank for. Today, we've finished the project, so now you can see all 1500 ranks spots in our Top Charts.

Small fixes

We fixed the problem where if you chose January 1, 2015 for the first date in the Custom Date picker the page would time out. Did you know that we have app performance estimates back that far?

We also fixed a small visual bug that you probably didn't notice.

Baby gets some new accessories

We patched out a few upgrades to our latest product, Review Analysis, today that weren't quite ready for the product launch.

  • Added 'Quarterly' option for chart granularity
  • Chart granularity automatically switches to 'Weekly' from 'Daily' if you chose 6 months or more of history to view
  • You can now filter the review table by detected language
  • Clicking on a release text tooltip will now open the full release text in a modal, keeping you on the page

New look and new product!

Happy Monday everyone! At least we're pretty sure it's Monday.

Today is a big day here at Apptopia, as we are proudly announcing the launch of our newest product, Review Analysis! We've been sitting on over 1.5 BILLION reviews and it turns out that they are packed with a lot of actionable insights. Head on over to our Blog to read more about this exciting new product.

You may also notice the dramatic facelift that Apptopia got today. As we were building the Review Analysis product, we realized that we needed to solve some lingering UX issues. Over the coming months you'll see even more updates, which will improve how you interact with the Apptopia tool. But here's what's different today:

  • We rearranged the App Insights menu and grouped pages under 'Performance' and 'Audience'
  • We moved the Date selector to the the new page header, and it will remain visible as you scroll through the page
  • All App Insights pages default to the 'Last 90 Days'
  • The date range you chose on one App Insights page (ex Downloads & Revenue) will persist to other App Insights pages as you navigate (ex Engagement)
  • Navigating from a particular App Insights page on one app to another app lands you on the same page type (ex. navigating to Snapchat from the Demographics page of Instagram will land you on the Demographics page of Snapchat)
  • The 'add to market' behavior has been simplified & improved
  • We renamed 'User Graph' to 'Cross App Usage'

[RESOLVED] Demographics missing in the tool

We have restored our March Demographics aggregations and the Apptopia tool is now reflecting Demographic data accordingly.

[NEW] Demographics missing in the tool

Our March aggregation for Demographics is currently missing from the Apptopia tool, resulting in no demographic data showing for any app. Our engineers are working on restoring this data ASAP.

Creative Type Breakdown no longer broken

In all of our excitement to release our new Ad Creatives page, we missed that our percentages weren't adding up on the Creative Type Breakdown chart. Since we were fixing things there, we also made it better looking.

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 12.49.53 PM.png

Now you can compare Video vs All Image Types and you can also see the percentage breakdown of the Image type more easily.

More countries to filter by

With our Report Builder, you can now filter reports by publisher HQ location in over 200 countries! We've mapped the additional countries to their respective regions to make it even easier for you to target your sourcing efforts to the geographies you care about most.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 7.37.26 AM.png

Get company data from our API

We've added two new endpoints to our API to help you group Apps and Publishers under their parent companies. If you have access to our Publisher API endpoints already, you can get started today. For a complete list of available endpoints, check out our API Documentation.

  1. api/parent_company/discovery

    Returns information for all of the parent companies we have in our database

    Example Response

        "result_rows": [
                "id": 8080089822,
                "figi": "BBG000BXD232",
                "name": "Banco Bilbao Vizcaya-sp",
                "tickers": [
                "google_play_publisher_ids": [
                "itunes_connect_publisher_ids": [
                "id": 8081024064,
                "figi": null,
                "name": "EQT Holdings",
                "tickers": [
                "google_play_publisher_ids": [
                "itunes_connect_publisher_ids": [
  2. api/parent_company

    Pass in a company ID and it will return FIGI, Name, Stock Tickers, and Publisher IDs for that company

    Example Response

            "id": 8081025111,
            "figi": "BBG00RM7J0M5",
            "name": "Just Eat Takeaway",
            "tickers": [
            "google_play_publisher_ids": [
            "itunes_connect_publisher_ids": [